Business Analysis

Sandra’s a seasoned business owner and Franchisor , owning a popular restaurant brand and managing franchises across the state of Michigan. She has a great sense for the fast-movers on the menu for every location and has a pulse on almost every franchisee’s business . Sandra’s business skyrocketed last year and she plans to open out her restaurant brand in other US locations and eventually, globally. She sees the internet as a definite way to get to her new markets.She believes she needs an eStore . While she’s planning on her “elevator pitch” to acquire funding for her new market expansion, she quickly calls on her IT manager and together, they make a project brief and perform a high level requirement analysis of the dream eStore. She looks for an IT company that will help her pull together this eStore – the perceived solution crucial to reaching out to new markets.

Do you find something crucial missing in this picture?

Let’s think together. Most businesses come to solution providers with the solution instead of a problem statement. Their prior business experience coupled with a pulse on market undercurrents leads them to think in terms of “ideas” and “solutions” whereas solution providers are out of touch with the purpose and context for the solution itself. Most offshore solution providers employ a business analyst to merely clarify the solution requirements. However by the time the solution is created and launched, the client is disillusioned about the solution’s impact in the market, and the solution providers cannot help either.

Having helped hundreds of clients over the past decade to go digital, we at Stylusinc recommend an alternate business analysis approach for our clients – something that helps you maximize your opportunity, minimize your risks and achieve your business objectives, objectively. Our unique, simple, three-step business research process gets you to the root of the problem before conceptualizing the solution mix. Our expertise on data synthesis and data analytics gives us the edge to identify and solve complex business problems using business data , which otherwise remain concealed. In essence, we encircle the problem first before co-creating the solution with you.

When do I opt for Stylusinc’s Business Research services?

  • When your gut tells you to go after a golden opportunity
  • Before you start doing your requirement analysis
  • When you’re faced with a complex business problem that you’re unable to get around
  • When you’re business data needs a well-rounded analysis.
  • When you’ve thought of a solution idea that you need to validate
  • When you need to get the outside-in perspective
  • When you need help with your“elevator pitch” with potential investors

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