Business Intelligence Solutions

Stylus Inc. makes your business intelligent, by developing custom business solutions that are intuitive, interactive and future ready. What do we mean when we say Inbuilt Intelligence for your custom business solutions?

Once you share your solution requirements with us, Team Stylus goes beyond just building custom business solutions -we embed powerful solution metrics and analytics features that help you assess if the business problem is actually solved.

Making a Fleet Tracking Solution Intelligent

Say for instance you needed an application built to study the ‘load factor’ of your fleet. If the application served to display the various entry and exit points of your fleet without much else, or a ‘point’ of movement, it’d still be incomplete and not be a fully realized solution.

We understand the need to embed solutions with the ability to dice and slice data, meaning, analyze fleet load, mileage traveled, time spent on the road and more. This could help improve routing and logistics management and help your business save millions of dollars over a period of time.

Profiling customers on the go

Take another scenario. Imagine : you build a webstore with a simple web-hit counter but without the intuitive ability to track the web visitors, from which geographical area they come from, most visited pages, time spent and more, it’d be a job half done.

The resultant analysis is powerful business analytics that would help you:

  • attract your Target Audience and the right kind of customers
  • customize products for members
  • improve customer satisfaction
  • retain loyal customers and
  • increase sales through targeted promotions

Using Data Intelligently – effective data mining

Inbuilt Business Intelligence makes your custom business solution almost clairvoyant by helping you plan data management and applying data synthesis to already captured data. This enables you to view powerful performance dashboards and executive reports that give you an insight into how much of the core issue is being attacked and rectified. You could:

a) save many man-hours in preparing executive reports that could be accomplished by an inbuilt intelligence business solution

b) monitor multi-channel reports for sales and marketing

c) respond proactively to product trends and customer sales

d) have a consistent, transparent, single-window dashboard that would allow you to make smarter decisions

e) study your business and solutions metrics that measure your process and determine if it’s giving you a good ROI

f) help reduce the TCO of the application with embedded and intuitive business intelligence

Success is measured by solving the business problem, not by mere technology, but by seeing visible results. We embed business intelligence in your solutions thereby helping you not to just release the solution, but also measure its success. We are happy, when we see our client succeed with our solutions.

Do contact us for designing your solution metrics that will be built into the solution as one of our core areas of expertise lies in business and solutions metrics consulting as well.

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