Business Model Innovation

One of the most dramatic business stories that has been narrated through the last three decades or so is the Apple story. Applestarted out in the year 1976 as a computer business and tried to invent new applications such as GUIs and spreadsheets as was the norm of business those days. Today Apple looks different and does things differently. One reason for this change is the man behind Apple himself: Steve Jobs. Jobs was expelled from the company in 1985 but made a comeback in 1997 with an immovable proposition hinged on design innovation.

The second big reason for this change was a switch in the business model of Apple itself. Steve Jobs didn’t come into a company that was winning. When Jobs returned as CEO in 1997 the company was cash negative. By 1999, the release of Apple’s iBook got Jobs shifting gears on the differentiation strategy of the company as a whole: to be the pioneer in design innovation. Apple now has successfully added iPod,iTunes, iPhone, iMac, AppleTV to their portfolio and the list grows. They’ve learnt the knack of changing their skin with the customer, and today they score close to a 100 billion in revenues. What’s the secret sauce here?

Let’s face it. Its not your product or service or the industry you’re part of that makes you successful – its your business model. A business model can be thought of as a story of your business itself, with characters, plots, twists and a climax worked out using stakeholders, strategies and financial implications. The Apple drama finally climaxed with a perfect ending by tapping into latent needs of their consumers through usability innovation.

So what is your story like?

If you’re still discovering the story or trying to put the pieces of history and the future together, then Stylus can help you formulate a winning story and also make it happen for you.

Stylusinc’s business modeling process is not a siloed creative approach. We do this in the context of a detailed study of your market, your industry, your business and your competition.

Stylusinc models businesses on what we call the Goldenthread: your company’s Core Capability, the Value Proposition and the Target persona. We first take time to understand each of these elements in detail and draw up your company’s business model against this canvas by flexing the Goldenthread. Our technological expertise gives us the added edge to look at implementation of breakthrough ideas using new advancements in technology such as cloud computing, Mobile computing and commerce, web 2.0, SOA and the likes of them.

At Stylusinc we go beyond the conceptual business model and derive the plausible future value for the chosen model. We blueprint and detail out the business idea, so that you wouldn’t have to wonder about the engineering of the same. We employ various technologies and strategies to make the model work and finally prove the value through our sound metrical framework. In short, we think and act on behalf of your business. It can’t get better than this, can it?

To get a sample business model that we created, mail us.

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