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Linda’s a professional travel agent who mainly serves International Executive class air travelers  by offering  them personalized ticketing and hotel booking. Recently Linda started up her own travel company online  owing to the growing opportunity of business travelers wanting accessible booking services.  Having served as a travel agent herself for many years, Linda had a professional network of airline companies she could tap into . She partnered with key flight carriers for a pay-per-ticket commission on the site.  She also tightened her pricing strategy and offered low cost editions for  slow moving carriers through her airline reservation system.

Linda got everything formulated to the tee, hired an expert software firm to build her airways reservation system online.  When the website was launched, Linda

made an ad-splurge on all holiday and tourism sites and also hired a professional PR agency to take care of launch interviews and press releases.

The ticketing software worked without any major hiccups and all was well for the first month. Linda’s operating expenses were on the rise, but understandably so, because it was the early stages in the product life cycle. However, the return on investment was not as she had expected. By the third month, the numbers dropped substantially, and Linda wondered why. On quizzing some of the initial customers she came to know that the reservation system was quite slow on response whenever they tried to search for flights or book a ticket. They also fed back that they found it hard to find a flight of their choice on first go, and most of the results on page 1 of search were unhelpful.

Now I know why I don’t see results: it’s the software guys who are the problem! She rued.

The software guys, however, had a very different story to tell: they got a software requirements doc from the client and after doing a hurried requirement analysis,  and they delivered almost all of what she had wanted. Linda approves of it as well, but she isn’t satisfied with the results. Unfortunately the software provider is in no position to help since he hasn’t got the ‘big picture’ about the airline reservation system.

This is a classic case of what goes on between global clients and “professional” software development firms. You maybe someone like Linda, only doing business in a different space. Maybe you’re also on the lookout for an Indian software company that can tailor your solution as per your requirements. Whatever be the case, we’d like you to know that you deserve to get more than just a snazzy website or solution.

Here’s what Stylusinc looks like in comparison to the mundane software vendor.

Regular IT company

1 Requirement Analysis

Expects you to understand you problem, solve it, and share the technical requirements. Like a doctor who asks the patient to self-diagnose the disease, and suggest a remedy.

Accepts that you may know the problem, but its our job to provide the solution. Listens to your problem, analyzes root cause(s) for it, and recommends multiple solution options with comparisons . Co-creates the Requirements Specification to address the problem.

2 Visibility during development

Design and development is a black box, and the best that you can hope for is that what finally comes out will look and work remotely like what you intended.

Signs off a prototype of the solution with all the requirements built-in before moving into development. Periodic walk-throughs during the development process allows for real time feedback, build familiarity and keeps you abreast of what’s happening on the shop floor. Deliveries are predictable, and on delivery you can hit the ground running.

3 Post release analysis

What’s that again?

Builds a strong measurement framework around solution metrics that not only indicate how effectively your problem has been resolved, but also recommends steps to improve them further. We walk alongside you till you see the expected results.

4 Maintenance

Costs are much higher and budgets are spent on low-value improvements to your solution. You will most often end up redoing the entire solution within a year’s time, owing to the instability of the solution

Maintains your solution for consistent enhancements and improvements that directly impact your solution metrics and are perceived as valuable by your customers. You will find our enhancements improve your odds of success rather than depreciate it .

Stylusinc walks-alongside your business in and out of season to ensure that you always get value from partnering with us . Always.

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