MS Excel –Powering smart decisions

Microsoft Excel 2010 – Powering smart decisions

Organizational business intelligence requires seamless flow of information and data in a manner that is as easily understood by the Finance expert as the Sales Manager or the CEO.

For long MS Excel has proved to be the umbrella under which reams of information is stored and sorted as per individual needs.

Three broad areas that Excel has been traditionally used to demystify data are Financial Performance, Operational Performance and maybe Customer Performance. Be it planning, budgeting, forecasting and different parameters for analysis: for example, “customer performance analysis” , “department and process-wise performance analysis” , “logistics” , “inventory” , “supplier performance” , “channel management” , “HR” , “customer loyalty” , “product demand” – all of this can be performed exquisitely by MS Excel.

When combined with the capability of Sharepoint Server 2010, with the SQL Server as the fulcrum for all data storage, Business Intelligence enters a domain of power and functionality as-you-like-it. MS Excel 2010 can be used for:

a) real-time interactive reporting which could include parameters that will give you a what-if analysis

b) distribution of all or part of a workbook for analysis

c) a powerful platform for building business intelligence applications

An easy-to-use, intuitive mechanism, MS Excel 2010 services with Pivot extensions can be used to produce targeted content which is browser accessible as well as use it for analysis of large scale data.

Advantage MS Excel:


a) Ability to drill down data and analyse trends and patterns

b) Complete support for MS SQL Server

c) Pivot tables and pivot charts that help present data into professional looking charts and graphs

d) Share spreadsheet results with customers and partners without revealing confidential business logic models.

e) Consistent end-user experience and tools enabling regular and consistent IT administration of reports across the enterprise – centralized reports and spreadsheets.

MS Excel 2010 is the beginning of making your business intuitive and intelligent, and instilling the management with the power to move from rows and columns of numbers, to advanced visual interpretations of crunched data.

There are of course many more advantages to using MS Excel 2010. At Stylus our expertise with using Excel for customized reports and data visualizations makes monitoring and representing your data seamless and effective. If you require our expertise to maximize the potential of MS Excel 2010 or integrate your version of Excel to the latest sharepoint server 2010 to get the same benefits, Contact Us.

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