Mobile BI Technology

Today, having information at your finger tips is essential for any business manager to ensure staying ahead of the competition. Technology is working towards converging intelligent data to a single client – the smart phone – most accessible to the business user of today.

If you had to make decisions on-the-fly and respond to market vagaries in an informed fashion, and ensure your business didn’t suffer in the bargain, you’d need to be equipped with the right information at the right time. You could be in Rio, Shanghai, Bangalore, London, New York, or any place in the world – geography, internet connectivity, and insufficient data needn’t prove a deterrent to smart business management.

With your mobile handset today well on its way to being as efficient a multi-tasker as you, information is now available at your fingertips.

• SMS alerts from Bloomberg on the market movements

• Balanced scorecard updates

• Company’s share price movements on stock markets

• Dashboards that give you up-to-date information on fluctuations in sales

• Several usage statistics

• Inventory stock alerts

are now all a part of the daily routine of making your business more responsive to the needs and rigors of the market. In short, your business just got more intelligent.

Stylus, with its vast array of technology expertise and having worked on smartphone applications for Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and providing solutions on RIM Blackberry, Google Andriod as well, can help your company move to mobile BI and reporting facilities onto smartphones with much ease.

The question is, are you proactive enough to steer your organization in the optimal direction? You have the resources, you have the technology and you have us at Stylus, as your Business Intelligence partner to help you derive the maximum gains without being expensive. All you need to do is take the intelligent business decision that will prove beneficial to you, your business and all its stakeholders.

To inquire about how mobile technologies will help you unravel complex data on the go, click here.

Wherever you go, your data follows…

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