MSSQL server and related services

Every CXO knows that Business Intelligence of BI is not just about getting your data in large chunks and then building applications around it so that it seems intelligent. Sometimes these applications may not even be necessary, but often management gets mired in the ‘me too’ syndrome. If the competitor is doing it, maybe every business should do it is the thought, rather than, ‘what do I need and why’?.

At Stylus, the team uses data intelligently to provide smart and strategic solutions that will help leapfrog your business.

SQL Server provides:

a)    a platform for Business Intelligence tools such as Sharepoint Server 2010 and MS Excel with Pivot or Visio services

b)    Robust and secure data storage

c)    Ability to access data stored on different servers

d)    OLAP (Online Analytical Processing Products) Server Analysis services

e)    Report builder – reports that help you determine and analyse your KPIs

MS SQL is the perfect platform for storing large scale and complex data and deploys and supports business intelligence applications.

To find out more about how MS SQL server can help maximize your business potential and make your business intelligent, click here.

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